AveMartini Uno, Due e forse Tre Monty AveMartini Semper 24 Maggio 2019 Bologna AveMartini Reload Sempre ed in eterno la vita io l’ho castigata, vivendola.              Fin dove il cuore (ed il fegato) mi resse.                       Arditamente mi spinsi. Cari adepti prima ancora di entrare nel merito e nel programma gaudente e guascone che ormai ci accompa Nella tarda primavera […]

AveQueen the monarch’s drinking

The Queen Has Four Cocktails a Day, but Not at the Times You Might Expect, the Quenn it would seem to us, more than essentially anyone else on the planet, deserves to be able to eat and drink and behave absolutely however she wants. If she wanted to jump on a trampoline from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. every day while the Friendstheme song played, and wanted to eat sushi with a side of sliced American […]

How independent gins are bringing new life to the dry Martini

  There is no cocktail so classic as the dry martini. What it lacks in ingredients (vermouth, gin, ice and a garnish if you’re feeling fancy), it more than makes up for in glamour. Yet this week, the mystery behind the martini will come to an end, as a panel of judges decide what makes the perfect pre-prandial. The World’s Best Martini Challenge is the first event of its kind and launches in south London, […]