How independent gins are bringing new life to the dry Martini

  There is no cocktail so classic as the dry martini. What it lacks in ingredients (vermouth, gin, ice and a garnish if you’re feeling fancy), it more than makes up for in glamour. Yet this week, the mystery behind the martini will come to an end, as a panel of judges decide what makes the perfect pre-prandial. The World’s Best Martini Challenge is the first event of its kind and launches in south London, […]

Martini for ever

Very Bad Dress-code The bartender was dumbfounded when a gorilla walked into his bar and asked for a martini. Since he couldn’t think of any reason not to serve the beast, he was amazed to find the gorilla cooly holding out a $20 bill when he returned with the drink. As he walked over to the cash register he decided to try something. So he rang up the sale and handed the ape a dollar […]

Martini Diet

Ordina un martini vodka, e il vostro bartender probabilmente vi servirà un mixato di vodka 80-proof  miscelato in ghiaccio profumato di vermouth dry, per un totale di 127 calorie:                                        Meno che inun bicchiere di vino… Meditate